27 ways to improve fashion show themes

27 ways to improve fashion show themes

A successful fashion show is the result of well-coordinated teamwork – a team that consists of the fashion designer, the show’s sponsor and the event manager. Leading fashion show organizer, Swork Events based out of New Delhi has been planning and doing fashion shows that are characterized by amazingly innovative and creative themes leaving the audience asking for more.

Here are 27 ways to improve fashion show themes –

  • Improvise the location to create that majestic effect.
  • Select the best models from the industry – more than looks, they need to be trendy and aware of the audience’s taste in style.
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  • It is all about styling the event to create that effect.
  • Music and fragrance at the venue can add lots to the overall impressions.
  • Special effects and lighting need to be unique and distinct
  • Create your own staging ideas for exclusivity.
  • Pay extra attention to hospitality and servicing aspects
  • Mark out special areas for the press and the journalists.
  • Takeaways for guests can add that element of surprise.
  • Punctuality matters here too. Make sure to start on time.
  • Let the runway have no carpets.
  • Keep the choreography to the minimum.
  • Organize pre and post fashion week events so that the audience gets a chance to network amongst themselves.
  • Try to have a theme that has a social cause to it.
  • Re-run the show in the pre-production stages
  • Have an emcee speak about the pieces on the show.
  • Always have a backup plan, ready to go live anytime.
  • Give due recognition to the sponsors.
  • Circulate a one-pager on the show to the audience.
  • Keep backup models ready in case of no-shows.
  • Ensure multimedia doesn’t fail at the last minute.
  • Have few celebrities and VIPs attend the show.

Organising latest fashion shows? These give you opportunities to become a trend-setter –

  • Makeup of the models
  • Hair styling
  • Distinguishing catwalk
  • Accessories that gel with the concept
  • Aspirational clothes – wearable practically

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